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Meet the Board


Romony E. Sin


Romony Sin - Separated from her mother at the age of 9 during the Khmer Rouge time, Romony has a testimony that beautifully illustrates the grace of God at work in a life before she even knew He existed.  Miraculously reunited with her mother and sisters at the age of 17, and struggling with the language and everything she’d been through, she went on to graduate #4 in her large, inner-city high school in Houston, Texas.  She met her husband and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at the University of Houston.  Today she sits on the leadership team of an oil & gas company, leading teams globally.


Romony also serves alongside Pastor Raywood Samreth at Cambodia New Life Church.  Her desire to share the goodness of God’s grace, mercy, and unconditional love, especially to young people who struggle in life like she has, became a real opportunity when she met Karen Robinson in July 2014.

This connection resulted in a trip back to Cambodia, a country she vowed never to return to; the starting point of a life-changing experience with the birth of Ravens Hope Cambodia in 2017. She is now traveling to Cambodia yearly to share with and empower young ladies “Ph’oun Srey” through Ravens Hope Cambodia with the message of the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Romony favorite fun activity is visiting new places and hanging out with her husband, Si, and their two sons, Nimetz and Ezra. 

Madorom Huot - An educated woman during a time when Cambodian women were not traditionally educated, Madorom lost her husband and a young son during the Khmer Rouge time.  She came to America with two daughters, supplemented her education with some American college, and went to work for a large energy company for several years in Houston, Texas.  Madorom, a staunch Buddhist, attended a large, inner-city church for English classes and free groceries.  One day in a prayer meeting she challenged this ‘Jesus’ to find her missing daughter, from whom she had been separated for 8 years.  Within a few weeks, she received word that her daughter was alive and living in Cambodia.  Through this answered prayer, God reunited her lost daughter and Madorom eventually came to believe that Jesus Christ was her savior.


Since retiring a few years ago, Madorom serves Cambodian New Life Church faithfully and divides her time between Houston, Texas, and Cambodia.  She is very excited to have found a ministry that answers the cry of her heart – to serve her people in Cambodia – through Ravens Hope.


Madorom E. Huot

Vice President

Our Mission


Si K. Sin

Si Sin - When he lost his parents at a very young age, Si learned how to survive and overcome the tragedies of life in a communist regime with perseverance and hard work.  He arrived to America in 1980 with his younger sister, and Si once again applied hard work, endured, and overcame the struggle of a challenging life.  While studying at the University of Houston, he met a young lady who publicly renounced any possible present or future connection with him.  With his “can do -- watch me” attitude, he won her heart.  He and Romony have been married for 28 years and have two sons.  Si’s message to all young men is: “You can do all things through Christ Jesus.”

Si is a University of Houston graduate and has been leading in energy management roles for the past 30 years.  He also serves faithfully as a board member at Cambodian New Life Church, in Houston, Texas.  He is an advocate and a strong supporter for Ravens Hope Cambodia.


He is a loving husband and a great father who displays God’s love and kindness not through words but through sacrificial actions.  A great role model for our Ravens.

Ellen D. Smith - Thirty-ish years ago, in Houston, Texas, Ellen met some Cambodian refugees at the large, inner city church she was a part of.  Beginning with that encounter, the Cambodian people have been woven into the fabric of her life in many different ways.  Most recently, in 2012, Ellen met Karen Robinson, founder of Ravens Hope, and discovered Karen’s involvement in Cambodia.  She connected Karen with her longtime, now American, Cambodian friends – and here we are. God is still writing the story.


Ellen is an earnest follower of Jesus, a wife, mother, grandmother, a businesswoman, a paralegal, and a teacher.  She is artistic and enjoys creating art with fabric, paper, and other random materials.  She is happiest when bringing order out of chaos and when ‘making a difference.’

Board Secretary

Ellen D. Smith


Karen Robinson

Founder of RHI

Karen Robinson -  is a veteran in ministry with over thirty years of experience. She is the founder of Solomon's Porch Society, an amazing ministry founded in 1998, with chapters throughout the United States. Solomon’s Porch touches the lives of influential women involved in or affiliated with the entertainment industry, the NBA, the NFL, MLB, and also includes governors, mayors, diplomats, and pastor’s wives.

As the founder of Raven's Hope International in 2013, Karen teaches a message of hope, unity, and teamwork. She believes that the wine is in the cluster, not in the grape, and that personal destiny is only accomplished when it is cultivated and united with the personal destinies of others.


Karen is also an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker, life coach, and author. She helps to develop leaders by teaching them to reach their audiences through compassion, candor, and communication.

Karen is an involved member of Grace Church of Humble, Texas, under the leadership of Pastors Scott and Brett Jones.

Consultant To The Board

Solina Chy


Solina Chy - was born into a Buddhist family in Cambodia.  From an early age, she sought to know a creator God, a “God Above All, whose name she did not know.”  Working in the fields under the Khmer Rouge after 1975, she became more and more convinced that such a god must exist.  After a time in prison and her escape to Thailand in 1979, she continued to pray and seek this god.  Through a request to translate for a Youth With A Mission missionary, she came to accept Jesus Christ as her savior and she knew she had ‘passed from death to life’ – God had revealed Himself to her.

Sopheap Phuong - is an intense, self-educated young woman who made her way out of poverty in Cambodia and became a believer in Jesus Christ through her brother’s testimony.  She was a 2015 Raven who was chosen to go to the United States for an intensive leadership program.  She went back to Cambodia and immediately put what she had learned to work, making a difference in the lives of young women around her.  Sopheap is a passionate missionary with a heart to serve.  She is Jesus Christ’s ambassador and a powerful voice to share and empower “Ph’oun Srey” in Cambodia and all open door opportunities that present themselves.



Sopheap Phuong

Nikki Nguon

Care Coach

Nikki Nguon – Nikki married her Cambodian husband in 1991 and they have two beautiful children and two beautiful grandchildren.  Cambodian culture has been an important part of their life and household.  Nikki has had a heart for Cambodia for many years and has a passion for connecting and reaching out to the Cambodian people.  When she met Romony and Madorom at a Cambodian Church and heard the mission of Ravens Hope, she was prompted and jumped at an opportunity to be able to support their mission.  Nikki loves being able to go to Cambodia and take part in the outreach aspect of Ravens Hope and having a connection with the ladies in Cambodia.

Nikki also continues to serve in different areas in the US such as anti-trafficking and other outreach organizations.   

Chantrea Sngoun - a selfless graduate of 2014 Ravens Hope International leadership program, whose purpose and mission was transformed by the teaching and experience received during the four months’ leadership training in the USA.  Expecting only to learn the language and some leadership traits to enhance what she had already developed in Cambodia, Chantrea didn’t expect to be touched by the awesome love of Jesus Christ with such warm and loving kindness through people she had never met before.  Wanting to give back what she had received, she has been volunteering and serving as “boots on the ground” to share and empower young ladies “Ph’oun Srey” the message of the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Chatrea Sngoun


Meet Our Staff

Arun Tep – Since her graduation from the Ravens Hope International (RHI) USA Program in 2015, Arun has been a ‘super volunteer’ – believing strongly in the mission of Ravens Hope and involving herself in many facets of its activities.

From the time she became a Christian in 2005 through the testimony of her sister and her sister’s encouragement to join the English classes provided by New Life Fellowship in Phnom Penh, Arun has served as a missionary to the provinces, been involved in extensive preparation for Encounter Weekends to make the experience of each participant exceptional, and has been involved in youth, worship, and women’s ministries. 

Arun loves people, and is gentle and compassionate. She is also hard-working and self-motivated.  RHC is thankful to have this passionate, experienced young woman as its Program Director in Cambodia.

Arun Tep

Program Director

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