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An orphan refugee girl who survived the massacre of the Khmer Rouge regime during the 1970s was reunited with her mother in the United States in the 1980s.  
Remembering the horrific experiences of being broken and not wanted, she vowed to never go back to Cambodia but always had a desire to give back as so many people had made such a positive impact in her life. 
The 1980s: Ellen Smith was one of the many kind hearts and hands that took time to invest and leave a permanent mark in her life. 
Fast forward 34 years: An international speaker and founder of Raven's Hope International (RHI), Karen Robinson, whose heart and passion was for young, hurting Cambodia girls, shared a story that reminded Ellen of Romony Sin, a Cambodian refugee girl who was broken due to her tragic life journey. 
July 2014: Karen and Romony connected and immediately their hearts spoke of the same love and passion for the Cambodian people. This marked the beginning of sisterhood and a partnership committed to impacting hurting young lives. 
2017: Ravens Hope Cambodia (RHC) was born in partnership with RHI to impact the lives of young people in Cambodia. 
Who We Are?
RHC is a US-based 501(c)3 which operates under the leadership of Romony Sin and a board of directors, with associates in the USA and Cambodia. RHC handles day-to-day operations in Cambodia in partnership with RHI, a separate organization founded in 2013 by leadership expert, speaker, life coach, and author, Karen Robinson.
What do we do? 
RHC operates a 12-month core learning program that aims to change the lives of young women who have limited resources and various life challenges, through leadership development, life skills training, practical application, spiritual growth, and community service.
At the end of the program, students are able to identify, understand, and know-how to fulfill their God-given purpose.  They have achieved a higher level of self-confidence because they know who they are in Christ. 
Participants meet monthly in small groups used to teach, train, and motivate; they study a pre-set curriculum, led by previous graduates who serve as Big Sisters, who are overseen by senior, spiritually mature ministry representatives. 
An application process is required and a commitment to complete the entire course of study is necessary. The program culminates with a unique graduation retreat weekend.
Our goal is to assist in the development of a well-rounded woman who is productive both spiritually and practically. Our core values is to encourage our Ravens to love unconditionally, we embolden our Ravens to live life to the fullest as per God's design; we empower our Ravens to lead in the spirit of servanthood and we energize our Ravens to learn and continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of God.
With the partnership of RHI, qualified RHC students may also apply for an 8-week, advanced internship in the USA. 

Why do we do what we do?

A large percentage of Cambodian women are reported as being illiterate. Many Cambodian girls lack education due to several factors. One factor is that they are needed at home to take care of younger siblings, perform household duties, and support the head of the home. Other factors include extreme poverty and the prohibitive distance of schools from many rural areas.

What impact have we had? 

To date, we have had over 250 young ladies in our Cambodian leadership program.  We have brought 33 young ladies to America for leadership training. And 5 Ravens have returned a second time for extended leadership training. 


Our Ravens are on the ground impacting the Kingdom of Cambodia for Christ. They work with and have started various ministries that educate, feed, and clothe the underprivileged in Cambodia.

Our Mission
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