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Meet Our Ravens

Ravens 2013 (RHI) 

A year of Wow, Surprises, Dreams Come True, Miracles and Speechless Moments! First team of seven young ladies from Cambodia to experience the awesome miracle from above when the US embassy granted to young, underprivileged ladies to leave Cambodia. This happened only by the power of the almighty God. They spent 6 months traveling, learning and experiencing the US culture, food, roads, highways, weather, snow. spending most of their study in Kansas lead by Karen Robinson, the Founder of Raven's Hope International (RHI)

Our Mission

Ravens 2014 (RHI) 

 Year Number #2 for Raven's Hope International, again, with much Wow, Excitement, Dreams Come True, Miracles and Speechless Emotions. Second Team: Srey Leak, Bunnarath, Rotha, Chanthrea, Socheata, Sreynam, and Leakana were awesome young ladies with a hunger to absorb, observe, and soak in all the different new things in the United States. They spent 4 months learning English, leadership skills, and experiencing the beauty of Houston - bringing so much love and joy to the US team. Strong sisterhood developed and lifetime relationships were built with all the Americans and the US-Cambodian friends and families. 

Ravens 2015 (RHI) 

Only five young ladies came in 2005 - Arun, Sopheap, Sreyliak, Sreyleak and Phanya, whose hearts and desires were to learn and to experience the leadership empowerment of Raven's Hope International. They were a team of lovely young ladies who very much loved and enjoyed eating Cambodian-American food but did not enjoy the cooking part ;).This team stayed 4 months before returning to Cambodia to share and serve the Cambodian community. 

Ravens 2017 (RHC)

A short pause where Ravens Hope Cambodia (RHC) was established. The RHC commitment was to bring the Wow, Excitement, Dreams Come True, Unconditional Love of God and Speechless Experience to Cambodia.

37 Students registered and 36 graduated.


This was the first year our students journey in the exploration of the many gifts and values God has instored for each of our Ravens.  The discovery  for each lady to know that she is beautiful on the inside and outside and bold as a lion.  She has a voice for the purpose to speak up for the voiceless and  for comforting and up lifting the broken; the purpose to empower, encourage, embolden and to energize the gifts that were already inside of her.  

Ravens 2018 (RHC & RHI)

38 students registered with RHC for the Class of 2018. A year we celebrate the discovery of many gifts and values in our ladies as leaders, sisters and most importantly, the value and knoweledge that each was loved as the daughter of hte Most High God.

13 RHC graduates students applied to Raven's Hope International and received Visas to come to extend their studies in the United Stated. 13-Big Wows for 2018!  A year to remember for the 13 beautiful young women who were asking God for a miracle that was bigger than what they could ever hope.    It was such a blessing and joy to spend time with Aly, Chang, Roma, Makara, Srey Nith, SryNu, Rathana, Rin, Srey Top, Sok Heng, Somaly, Somang and Sovanna in Houston, Texas.

Ravens 2019 (RHC & RHI)

Our mission continues to provide relationships, experiences, and instruction for induvials to move boldly and confidently into the future with hope and resource for a true successful living.

35 students registered and 34 completed the 12-month committment and graduated.

 Sopheap, Sam and Chanrom were granted the Visa for the extended study in the US.


Ravens 2020 (RHC)

34 students registered with RHC for the Class of 2020. A year of discovering the greatest gifts and indenity in Chirst in our ladies as leaders, sisters, and most importantly, the value and knowledge that each was loved as the daughter of the Highest God.

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